About US

Hey I’m Allison. I got the idea for this podcast because I have always loved true crime and the paranormal. Then I talked Sara into cohosting (I didn’t have to try very hard). And here we are.

I spend my days at school, work (I work in a hospital in the Pediatric ER), or at home in the chaos. I’m surrounded by kids-5 and dogs-3 and cats-2. And my husband who is the ringleader of our circus.

I love reading, writing, and scaring my husband by making him watch horror movies with me. You can find me on facebook or instagram.

Hey there! I’m Sara – an aspiring storyteller and a coffee connoisseur. I live in Colorado with my wife, 2 charming dogs, and the coolest cat this side of Denver. 

I spend my days surrounded by books, pugs, and comfy sweaters. At night you’ll find me huddled up around the campfire eating s’mores and spinning tales…OR on the couch binge-watching whatever the newest trash is steaming because this is the world we live in.