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Hope Ybarra

In 1998, right after she married her husband, she told him that she was going to school for her Ph.D. For one full year, she would leave her home on Tuesday and Thursday nights, claiming that she was attending classes. After the year was over, she proclaimed to her husband that she had finished her…

Bonus- Happy Halloween

Sara tells us about the real life Candyman and Allison tells us about the Toolbox Killers

The Toolbox Killers

Shirley Lynette Ledford, was abducted on October 31, 1979. Ledford was abducted as she stood outside a gas station, hitchhiking home from a Halloween party in a suburb of Los Angeles. Investigators believe Ledford accepted a ride home from Bittaker and Norris because she recognized Bittaker, as he is known to have frequented the restaurant…

E13- Ghost Stories

Happy Halloween. We’re telling ghost stories. Allison tells us about La Llorona and the Lake Shawnee abandoned amusement park. Sara tells us about the axe murder house. 


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